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My name is Florian Poirot, pastry chef from Nancy, a city in North Eastern of France.


At the age of 6, I spent most of my free time in my grandfather’s bakery situated in a very small village where I grew up.

Since then I always wanted to become a pastry chef.

At the age of 14, I joined Nancy Culinary School and I stayed until I achieved a ‘Master in Pastry and Confectionery’.

I then moved to Paris working on a bigger scale with Franck Daubos, my spiritual father. He introduced me to the artistic side of the patisserie world where I participated at different Sugar Work competitions. 


As if changing city wasn’t exciting enough, I crossed the Channel, landing in Yorkshire - ‘God’s own county’.

Years of hard work paid off ... I became the UK Pastry Champion giving me the chance to represent the UK at the World Pastry Cup in 2017.

My secret dream became real when I won the best sugar showpiece prize at the World Pastry Cup in Lyon.

Pastry has always been my passion and it's so big that I couldn't keep it all to myself. So I decided to open a Pastry shop in "Yorshire's food capital" Malton.

Every day, I look for the best ingredients available - whether that is fresh fruit sourced within one mile of the shop or vanilla pods that comes from the other side of the globe. All this in order to give you the best products.

I hope that you will enjoy my creations just as much as I enjoy making them.

Florian  Poirot





For high-quality fresh produce, kitchen ingredients and catering food in North Yorkshire, Dales is based in malton and supplies our fresh fruits for our tasty tarts and petits gateaux. They offer a home delivery service and wholesale service.

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Their philosophy is simple – to bring you the very best from around the world.
They are always on the lookout for exceptional ingredients and unique gourmet products by building strong relationships with producers, enabling them to offer high quality products to the best restaurants and hotels across the UK and of course to us! Florian is also one of their chef for their Patisserie Classes.


They also supply the Valrhona Chocolates that we use to create our so flavoured Chocolate Bonbons. Florian is part of Valrhona exclusive Circle V.

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They are a producer and distributor of speciality foods, working with artisan food producers across the globe. Everyday, they supply to a nationwide network of customers from the smallest farm shops, to restaurants and food manufacturers. We enjoy their dry nuts but also their top end butter and cream.

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The best supplier for all our kitchen equipment, they also offer sugar classes for professional where Florian is one of their consultants.

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