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I'm Florian Poirot, pastry chef from Nancy, a city in the Northeast of France.

Pastry has always been my passion and I couldn't keep it all to myself, so I've decided to open a Patry Shop in "Yorkshire Food Capital " Malton five years ago.

Every day, we look for the best ingredients available, all this in order to give you the best products.


If it was me, I'll read the menu straight away, but Celine will prefer to be surprised.

We leave it up to you... (only check the allergens section if needed)

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!

                        Florian Poirot

                                        UK Pastry Champion

                                     Sugar Prize Winner at the World Cup

Day   1: Sable Cinnamon - Gianduja (HAZELNUT, EGG, MILK, GLUTEN)

Day   2: Vanilla Truffle (MILK)

Day   3: Nougat Orange Chocolate (HAZELNUT, PISTACHIO, ALMOND, EGG, MILK)

Day   4: Bonbon Praline Feuilleté (HAZELNUT)

Day   5: Chocolate Truffle Earl Grey (MILK)

Day   6: Soft Caramel (MILK)

Day   7: Chocoron Pecan Praline (GLUTEN, EGG, MILK, PECAN, HAZELNUT)

Day   8: Vanilla Truffle (MILK)

Day   9: Hedgehog (MILK, ALMOND)

Day 10: Crunchy Fruity Choco (GLUTEN, EGG, MILK, HAZELNUT, ALMOND)

Day 11: Mendiants (MILK, ALMOND, HAZELNUT)

Day 12: Chocolate Truffle Earl Grey (MILK)

Day 13: Bergamot Marzipan (ALMOND, MILK)

Day 14: Ginger Fruity Choco

Day 15: Meringue 5 Spices & Dark Chocolate (EGG)

Day 16: Soft Chocolate Caramel (MILK)

Day 17: Hedgehog (MILK, ALMOND)

Day 18: Chocoron Almond (GLUTEN, EGG, MILK, ALMOND)

Day 19: Crunchy Fruity Choco (GLUTEN, EGG, MILK, HAZELNUT, ALMOND)


Day 21: Mendiants (MILK, ALMOND, HAZELNUT)

Day 22: Meringue 5 Spices & Dark Chocolate (EGG)

Day 23: Mr Santa (MILK, GLUTEN)

Day 24: Christmas Fruity Choco 


ALMOND, Sugar, EGG, Cream (MILK), White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, HAZELNUT, PISTACHIO, Fruit Purees and Juices, Cinnamon, Fleur de Sel, Colour (E100, E100, E120)

Please keep the Advent Calendar at Room Temperature.

Not suitable for home freezing


Florian Poirot LTD, Talbot Yard Food Court

Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 7FT

Enjoy our Creations just as much as we have enjoyed making them.

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