This is a box of 2 individual cakes that will change weekly.

Every Saturday we make two different desserts and your box will contain one of each.

Look at the second photo of this page or visit our "News" page from this website or follow us on our social media to discover this Saturday's selection.


Keep your cakes in the fridge. Remove the chocolate cake 20 min before eating and the fruit cake can stay in the fridge until you enjoy them.


CUT OFF for same week pre-order: THURSDAY Midnight for a collection on SATURDAY

      ORDER NOW:   £7.50 instead of £7.80 in our shop


Price Options
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£7.50weekly/ 4 weeks
2 Months of Cakes
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£7.50weekly/ 8 weeks
Unlimited Cakes
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£7.50weekly/ auto-renew
  • Join us and receive every Saturday a box of our weekly cakes.


    You can subscribe for 1 Month, 2 Months or Unlimited Months.


    The order will be renewed automatically until the end of your agreement. You will receive an email to confirm your weekly payment.

    Please note that your subscription can not be cancelled prior to the end of the choosen subscription term.

    For the Unlimited Months option, you can cancel it after the 12th month.