The Signature Collection is a voyage around the world with our favourite Chocolates.

Ganaches, Pralines and Caramels are enrobed with tasty Milk 40% or Dark 63% Chocolate.

Your Chocolate box will be made up of :

  • Chocolates from our Milk range including Almond Crunch Praline, Bergamote Ganache, Coriander Hazelnut Praline, Passion Fruit Ganache, Hazelnut Praline, Roost Peruvian Coffee Ganache, Salted Liquid Caramel and Tonka Bean Ganache.
  • Chocolates from our Dark range including Pistachio Praline, Vanilla Ganache, Cocoa Nibs Praline, Guanaja 70% Ganache, Salted Liquid Caramel, Fresh Mint Ganache and Raspberry Ganache.


Please keep our Chocolate Bonbons in a dry area (ideal temperature is 16 degrees) and consume them within 2 to 3 weeks from the date of expedition.

Signature Collection - 12 Chocolates

Signature Collection
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  • Chocolate (Whole MILK Powder, SOY Lecithin), ALMONDS, HAZELNUTS, PISTACHIOS, PECAN NUTS, Cream (MILK), Butter (MILK), MILK, COCONUT Fruit Juice, COCONUT, Feuillantine (WHEAT, GLUTEN, Butter (MILK), EGGS), COCONUT Alcohol.

Talbot Yard Food Court, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 7FT. 07947 587 382

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