The perfect Large GOURMET COMBO including:

        - 18 MACARONS BOX - Please keep our macarons in the fridge and consume them within 5 days from the date of expedition.

          - 24 CHOCOLATES BOX - Please keep our Chocolate Bonbons in a dry area (ideal temperature is 16 degrees) and consume them within 2 to 3 weeks from the date of expedition.

          - 1 Crunchies sachet: Choose between Hazelnut Milk Chocolate or Almonds Dark Chocolate 5 Spices sachets

          - 1 Hedgehog sachet


Great for your afternoon, all your family will enjoy these best sellers!


             SPECIAL PRICE :         £ 55 instead of £ 60 PLUS FREE DELIVERY




Assortment of Macarons
Choose your Crunchies
Price Options
One-time purchase
3 Months
Subscribe & Receive 1 sachet of Mendiants & 1 Nougat Bar
£55.00monthly/ 3 months
6 Months
Subscribe & Receive 1 sachet of Gourmandise & Seasonal Treat
£55.00monthly/ 6 months
The Full Year
Subscribe & Receive 1 of our Travel Cakes
£55.00monthly/ 12 months
Unlimited Months
Subscribe and Receive Yearly 1 of our Travel Cakes
£55.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • Macarons: ALMONDS, EGGS, Cream (MILK), MILK Powder, SOY Lecithin, MILK Chocolate, Butter (MILK), HAZELNUT, PISTACHIO, COCONUT, SESAME


    Chocolates: Chocolate (Whole MILK Powder, SOY Lecithin), ALMONDS, HAZELNUTS, PISTACHIOS, PECAN NUTS, Cream (MILK), Butter (MILK), MILK, COCONUT Fruit Juice, COCONUT, Feuillantine (WHEAT, GLUTEN, Butter (MILK), EGGS), COCONUT Alcohol.



  • Join us and receive every month at your anniversary date the large Gourmet Combo.

    You can subscribe for 1 Month, 2 Months, 3 Months, 6 Months, the Full Year or Unlimited Months.

    The order will be renewed automatically until the end of your agreement. You will receive an email to confirm your monthly payment and another one when your box is shipped to you.

    Please note that your subscription can not be cancelled prior to the end of the choosen subscription term.

    For the Unlimited Months option, you can cancel it after the 12th month.

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