Make our famous Hot Chocolates at home.

The secret is to pour our Chocolate powder up to the mark showed on the label and just add 300 ml of hot milk! Stir well and it is ready. Each pot makes 5 cups / 190 gr.


Pick and choose from our range of 7 Hot Chocolate Pots:

         Ivoire White Chocolate 35% with Creamy and Vanilla notes

         Orelys Blond Chocolate 35% with Liquorice notes

         Jivara Milk Chocolate 40% with Malt and Vanilla notes

         Bahibe Milk Chocolate 46% from Dominican Republic with Nutty and Fruity notes

         Illanka Dark Chocolate 63% from Peru with Dark Fruits notes

         Manjari Dark Chocolate 64% from Madagascar with Fruity Acidity notes

         Guanaja Dark Chocolate Excusive Blend 70% with Bitter and Sharp notes



Hot Chocolate Powder

  • Bahibe 46%, Ivoire 35%, Orelys 35% : Whole MILK Powder, SOY Lecithin

    Guanaja 70%, Illanka 63%, Manjari 64% : SOY Lecithin

    Jivara 40%: Whole MILK Powder, SOY Lecithin, BARLEY Malt Extract